Selling a business

Selling a business

Are you looking to sell your business? Then you are in an important phase, where there is a great deal to consider. We are happy to guide you through the entire process: from the orientation phase through to final closing. Thanks to our experience and expertise in financial, fiscal and legal matters, we are able to take all the work off your hands. So that you can simply continue to focus on your business.

Why sell a business?

There could be a number of reasons for selling your business. You plan to retire, you want to grow the business or you want to realise some financial security, for instance. Every situation and every type of business requires a tailor-made approach. We have 25 years of experience in selling businesses in various situations and industries, which means we can advise and guide you in any situation.

Key phases in selling a business

There are a number of phases when selling your business. We always start with a detailed analysis of your business and the market. We use the most suitable valuation method to determine the value of your business. We then draft a sale plan and approach potential buyers in our extensive network. We guide the negotiations, the due diligence investigation and provide support in the drafting of the transaction documentation. All of which culminates in the final phase: the signing of the sale contract and the payment of the purchase price into your bank account.

Why choose BrightOrange as sales adviser?

In addition to our expertise and extensive network of potential buyers, we distinguish ourselves by our personal approach. Clear information provision and intensive communication are therefore important basic conditions to ensure the process runs smoothly. A dedicated partner and consultant are at your service throughout the entire process. They stay in close contact with you and sound the alarm on time if the situation requires. You continue with your day-to-day activities, in the knowledge that we are carefully monitoring and steering the process.

We are also affiliated with the international organization of merger and acquisition advisors: AM&AA.

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Phases in selling a business

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