What is mediation?

Mediation is form of settling conflicts in which the mediator works with the parties involved to actively seek a solution for the conflict. BrightOrange is specialised in financial mediation in which the economic value or price of a business is at issue. This could arise in conflicts between shareholders and divorces, where the value needs to be divided or set off.

BrightOrange employs MfN register mediators. The Netherlands Mediators Federation (MfN) is the authority for mediation in the Netherlands. We have also demonstrated our qualities and experience by means of various tests.

Financial mediation by BrightOrange

In financial conflicts, the court can assign an expert to provide binding advice on the value of a business or share package. An independent court-ordered expert examination – often a costly and time-consuming process – is started for this.

That is why we have developed a method which renders this court-ordered expert examination unnecessary in 75% of cases. We combine our valuation expertise with conflict mediation in this context. Under the guidance of our mediator, the parties involved reach a solution in four to six sessions on average. The costs of this kind of process are much lower than court proceedings. And equally importantly: the outcome is a decision reached by the parties, not imposed by a third party.

What does a conflict mediation process look like?

We always start with an obligation-free introductory meeting so that you can decide whether we are the right conflict mediator for your situation. Our mediator will then guide the parties involved to reach a solution together. This could involve decision making on the value of a business, for instance, getting information on the consequences of that and help finding appropriate solutions. The meetings can take place either on location or digitally.

Co-mediator in other conflicts

The financial side of the matter is BrightOrange’s specialism. Many cases involve more than just the value of a business. Certainly in the case of divorce, a mediator who is competent in other areas as well is required. In these situations, our mediators prefer to act as co-mediators. In that case our mediators support the mediation process being guided by another mediator.

Forensic mediation for district courts and appeal courts

As mentioned above, our mediators always give the parties involved the opportunity to reach a solution or partial solution themselves. If a conflict comes before the district court or appeal court, our mediators use forensic mediation. This is a combination of mediation and court-ordered expert examination. Our mediators are, on the one hand, experts in valuations and, on the other, experienced mediators. Drawing on these qualities, they provide the court with the information to take a judicial decision.

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Our specialisations

  • Economic value: because our mediators are knowledgeable about economic value and business valuations, they can combine this knowledge with conflict mediation.
  • Financial mediation: our mediator works together with the parties involved to find a solution for the problem.
  • Forensic mediation: this method is used in work for district courts, combining court-ordered expert examination with mediation.
  • Co-mediation: our mediator supports the mediation process being guided by another mediator. For example, for divorce cases.

Our specialisations

Economic value

Financial mediation

Forensic mediation


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