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Mergers & Acquisitions

Every acquisition, business investment, or financing application is unique, but one thing is certain: the more complex the procedure – and the slower the information provision – the more time and effort it requires. That is why BrightOrange proactively supports you throughout the entire process: from the strategic exploration, business analyses, and value appraisal of the company until closing. We structure the process with a keen eye for the potential pitfalls and snags, but certainly also for opportunities.

Intensive communication and monitoring

The completion of such a complex process within the shortest possible time frame requires proper information provision as well as intensive communication. We will, therefore, maintain close contact and raise the alarm (or pull the emergency brake) well in advance if the situation so demands. Meanwhile, you will continue your daily business activities, knowing that we are carefully monitoring and steering the process for you.


BrightOrange has more than 25 years of experience in the buying and selling of businesses, succession issues, management buyouts, management buy-ins, (dis)investments, and financing. We primarily focus on the directors and major shareholders of middle-sized companies. If you are a director and major shareholder of such a company, chances are that this is the only time you will ever have to deal with matters such as these. As this is an extraordinary discipline’, you cannot avoid hiring external expertise. You are very welcome to use our knowledge, expertise, and vast experience in this area in order to achieve an optimal result.

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  • Orientation phase: ensuring the organisation is ready for sale and obtaining the right information.
  • Valuation and IM: Using all the information, determining the value of the shares, and drafting an information memorandum for potential buyers.
  • Negotiations: After receiving non-binding offers from potential buyers, the price and conditions are negotiated, which leads to an LOI (Letter Of Intent).
  • Due Diligence: the buyer researches your organisation for his comfort. The research will mainly focus on financial, commercial, tax, and legal areas.
  • Transaction documentation: after the due diligence, the transaction documentation is negotiated. Think of a management agreement and financing.
  • Closing: When all negotiations are successfully concluded, the closing takes place and shares are transferred at the civil-law notary.

Phases M&A

Orientation phase

Valuation and IM


Due Diligence

Transaction documentation


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