Litigation Support

Independent judicial experts BrightOrange’s partners regularly appear as independent experts appointed by the court or the parties concerned. Our partners are registered as judicial experts in the National Register of Judicial Experts.

Party’s experts

Relying on the extensive experience that we have acquired over the years, BrightOrange can support parties in judicial proceedings that revolve around economic value. We support both legal professionals and the fiscal authorities that frequently enlist our services to underpin economic value. We also very regularly provide support in follow-up proceedings for the determination of damages. Since we frequently appear as court-appointed experts, the requirements an expert has to meet do not hold any secrets. We are also happy to use this knowledge and experience when asked to act as counter experts.

Our working method

  • Independent expert: The court appoints BrightOrange to make an independent statement about the economic value.
  • National Register of Judicial Experts (LRGD): Our partners are registered in the LRGD.
  • Advocacy and legal: BrightOrange supports both practices for substantiating economic value.
  • Counter expert: A counter expert forms an opinion about the valuation of another party.


Independent expert

National Register of Judicial Experts (LRGD)

Advocacy and legal

Counter expert

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