Valuation in judicial proceedings

Valuation in judicial proceedings and conflicts

BrightOrange provides expertise during judicial proceedings and conflicts in which economic value is at stake. We are experts in (business) valuations and are often called on to substantiate an economic value. In this context we act as a party-appointed expert, party-appointed adviser, court-appointed expert or a report reviewer. We would be happy to provide more information on the various services.

Court-appointed expert

We regularly act as an independent expert appointed by the district court. In this context we issue an independent, objective and neutral report on the economic value. Our partners are registered in the National Register of Judical Experts.

Party-appointed expert

As a valuation specialist, we act as an expert and issue a report on the litigant’s behalf which is used in judicial proceedings. That report is always objective and prepared from a neutral perspective. We support both the legal practice and tax practice in substantiating economic values or assisting in follow-up proceedings for the determination of damages. Thanks to our years of experience in business valuation, we can serve you optimally in this regard.

Party-appointed adviser

As a valuation specialist, we also act as adviser. In this context, our valuation specialist issues a report on the litigant’s behalf which may be introduced into judicial proceedings. As adviser, our valuation specialist defends the litigant’s position. The report or advice can be introduced into the proceedings or may be incorporated in the legal briefs by the litigant’s attorney.

Report reviewer

BrightOrange can also review a valuation report from another specialist. In this context our expert, party-appointed expert or adviser analyses a report drawn up by a different valuation specialist. In this review process, we test whether the report satisfies the correct guidelines:

  1. Has the correct valuation method been used?
  2. Has the valuation method been applied correctly?
  3. Has adequate substantiation been provided for the starting points?

Why engage BrightOrange for judicial proceedings or conflicts?

Our partners are registered as court experts in the National Register of Court Experts. As a valuation specialist, we have been at the heart of the discipline for years, so we have amassed a great deal of experience in both valuation issues and judicial proceedings. We are very well versed in the requirements that an expert opinion must satisfy. In an obligation-free advice session, we would be happy to look into how we can use our expertise to your advantage.

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