Why BrightOrange

Our Core Values

  • Privacy: Our customer’s privacy is paramount to us, so we won’t publish any deals.
  • Experts: We understand both the rational and emotional aspects of the deal thanks to our extensive experience.
  • Relationships: Our aim is to establish long-term relationships and that means mutual trust is extremely important to us.

BrightOrange helps

When you are considering buying or selling, have a question about valuation, or are in a conflict regarding your company, you enter a complicated phase of your life. BrightOrange is an expert in managing both the emotional and rational aspects of this entire process and will always aim for a win-win situation.

“Sharing a large pie is more valuable than owning a cupcake”

About BrightOrange

Who are we
BrightOrange is an independent corporate finance consultancy firm specialised in investments, mergers & acquisitions, and business valuations. BrightOrange guides you during an investment, merger, or acquisition process from the initial introduction up to and including closing the deal.

What drives us
During an acquisition, a director or major shareholder is at a crossroads in his life. After all, a sale is a one-time event for most entrepreneurs. Together with the client, it is our motivation to lead this special process to a result we can all be proud of.

What we do
We provide guidance during investments, merger & acquisition processes, and also give support with varying strategy and financing questions.

How we do this
Personal contact between our client and partners is very important. Not only for you, but also for us. A good match is essential in realising the best results.

Why BrightOrange is the best choice
BrightOrange has over 25 years of experience in the area of corporate finance. We have dedicated deal teams that closely collaborate with clients throughout the process.

What does a process at BrightOrange look like
First, we start with a completely non-binding introduction meeting. The goal of this meeting is to get a clear idea of your motives as a client and to think about possible solutions by asking the right questions. We will then process the information from the meeting into a quote that matches your needs. If you trust BrightOrange and agree to the quote, we will start the process in which we will provide you with guidance throughout and aim to realise the best solution.

Our Expertises

Business valuation

Fortunately professional business valuations on the back of a cigar box are definitely a thing of the past. These days, we use the latest techniques and accredited methods to determine the value of your business.

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Are you looking to sell your business or buy a business? Then you are in an important phase, where there is a great deal to consider. We are happy to guide you through the entire process: from the orientation phase through to final closing.

Buying a business or selling a business.


Mediation is a form of conflict resolution, in which a mediator and parties involved actively search for a solution to their problem. BrightOrange is specialised in financial mediation, in which economical value is at stake.

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Judicial proceedings

BrightOrange provides expertise during judicial proceedings and conflicts in which economic value is at stake. We are experts in (business) valuations and are often called on to substantiate an economic value.

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