Buying a business

Buying an existing business

Buying a business is a complex process in which external advice is crucial, which is why BrightOrange advises and assists you throughout the entire purchase process. A correct analysis of the opportunities and risks of the business being purchased is indispensable, for a successful transaction and even more importantly: a successful future. We are happy to put our experience and expertise into reaching an optimal result.

Why buy a business?

Buying a business could be a financially and fiscally attractive option for a number of reasons. By gaining insight into your wishes and possibilities, we can determine an appropriate strategy for finding a suitable business. If you already know what business you want to acquire, this insight is also important to ensure that your wishes and those of the seller are in balance.

The steps in buying a business

Every business acquisition is unique. Based on your situation and wishes, we decide the correct steps that are necessary to realise the purchase. We provide a valuation of the business being acquired, we help find appropriate financing, we guide the negotiations with the buyer, we provide support for the due diligence investigation and for the drafting of the final transaction agreements.

Why choose BrightOrange as acquisition adviser?

BrightOrange has more than 25 years of experience in buying businesses. Working together with you, we pull out all the stops to ensure a successful business acquisition. We structure the process, paying close attention to potential risks and opportunities. Our personal approach and commitment is unique. A dedicated partner and consultant stay in close contact with you and sound the alarm (or pull the emergency brake) on time if the situation requires.

We are also affiliated with the international organization of merger and acquisition advisors: AM&AA.

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Phases in acquiring a business

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