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Professional business valuation by BrightOrange

Fortunately professional business valuations on the back of a cigar box are definitely a thing of the past. These days, we use the latest techniques and accredited methods to determine the value of your business. As such, business valuation continues to be an important part of our service.

Determining the enterprise value

There are a number of situations in which it may be relevant to determine the enterprise value. For instance, our valuation reports are often used for orientation in relation to a sale, purchase, participations, shareholder disputes or tax matters. We also see a growing demand for an independent professional opinion on economic value in claim-sensitive situations. This could involve damage claims in the event of breach of contract, (tax) restructuring, pre-pack in advance of winding up or financial reporting.

Business valuation methods

Every company is unique and every situation is different. That is why we look carefully at what method is most suitable for determining the value of your business. This could range from a quick-scan (value indication) to an advanced valuation based on Monte Carlo simulations. We have access to international databases and valuation resources, so we can carry out every valuation professionally. Some examples are Mergermarket for transaction information, the international Duff & Phelps and Infront Analytics for data from listed companies.

Why choose BrightOrange?

A reliable economic valuation can only be made by specially qualified professionals. BrightOrange’s partners and consultants have these qualifications, guaranteeing you excellent service and expertise. Our partners have amassed extensive experience in various sectors and complex situations, which means they can attune the valuation to your situation perfectly.

They are registered as Register Valuators and adhere to the applicable rules of conduct and professional regulations of the NiRV (see This registration also requires permanent education. Our partners are also Chartered Valuation Surveyor members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. BrightOrange is also affiliated with the international alliance of merger and acquisition advisors: AM&AA. Finally, BrightOrange is a member of the RICS professional association. Interested in what we could do for you? Contact us entirely without obligation.

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Our specialisations

  • Orientation in relation to sale: we determine the value and a price indication of your business based on different starting positions and objectives. We use multiple valuation methods to do this.
  • Participations: a valuation of the shares if there is an MBO, MBI, employees who participate and other participations.
  • Shareholder disputes: the value of the shares is determined during a dispute between shareholders. Where necessary, this takes place independently and appointed by the court.
  • Tax issues: the tax and customs administration increasingly requires a professional business valuation. The matter often relates to transactions in affiliates or between family members. In disagreements on value, we can be a good discussion partner or even negotiate on behalf of clients.
  • Claim-sensitive situations: valuation in situations that could involve claims.
  • Restructuring: Supporting a business that is considering restructuring the organisation.


Orientation in relation to sale


Shareholder disputes

Claim-sensitive situations


Tax issues

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