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Business Valuation

Fortunately, we have come a long way from the times that a professional valuation was roughly calculated on a notepad. Nowadays, we can deploy the newest technology and accredited methods. BrightOrange has access to international databases and valuation resources, thereby guaranteeing the quality of our valuation reports and allowing us to offer you a range of high-quality solutions, varying from a quick scan (value indication) to advanced appraisals based on Monte Carlo simulations (e.g. Real Options). Business valuation still is, and will remain, an essential and fascinating part of our services. We truly like to discover which value drivers lead to the creation of value for each new client.


The appraisal reports drafted by BrightOrange are often used in exploring the sale of a company, participations, or shareholder disputes. We have also noticed a growing need for independent, professionally founded views on economic value in claim-sensitive situations, such as (fiscal) restructures, prepack before bankruptcy, and especially in financial reporting.

Professional background

A sound, reliable economic appraisal can only be drawn up by professionals who have been specially trained. Our partners obtained their education at distinguished universities before they acquired extensive experience in various sectors and complex situations. They are Registered Valuators and work according to the prevailing regulations for personal and professional conduct (see Their registration also requires continuing education. Furthermore, our partners are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors as Chartered Valuation Surveyors.

Our working method

  • Orientation for sale: a valuation that shows the value of the company using several valuation methods
  • Investments: a valuation of the shares if it concerns an MBO, MBI, employees who invest, etc.
  • Shareholder disputes: valuation, independent and court-appointed where necessary, to determine the value of the shares in a dispute between shareholders.
  • Claim-sensitive situations: valuation in situations where claims may occur.
  • Restructuring: supporting a business that is thinking about restructuring the organisation.


Orientation for sale


Shareholder disputes

Claim-sensitive situations


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